SEWN: 1960’s style Plaid Shift Dress

vintage 1960s inspired plaid shift dress sewing dressmaking

*wipes the cobwebs off this blog*

Ah! How time has flown once again. I have been so busy with moving and everything else that I haven’t had the time to write a blog post. Now that wifi is set up in my new home, I am excited to be back and sharing something again!

In my previous post, I shared with everyone a shift dress I made a few years ago using a fabric with a Mondrian inspired print. That sleeveless dress was made using a New Look pattern, so this time I thought I oughta challenge myself by putting my amateur pattern-making skills to test and draft a shift dress with sleeves.

I thought it would be easy but I was wrong.

vintage 1960s inspired plaid shift dress sewing dressmaking

Wearing: 1960s inspired plaid shift dress (handmade), black glitter thigh high socks (ASOS), cat eye glasses (ASOS), black purse (won in a giveaway eons ago), vintage white clip-ons (thrifted)

vintage 1960s inspired plaid shift dress sewing dressmakingI know it looks fine in the photos but there are so many things I am unhappy about. First of all, the collar is a little too high *chokes*. Next, the darts don’t lie flat despite my best sewing attempt. Finally, the sleeves took 2 drafts to finally fit (and when I mean fit, I mean I can just barely move my arms in the dress).

Good thing I was cheap and I only used the expensive plaid fabric on the front of the dress in the attempt to create contrasting accents for the dress. If I had to make the plaids match front and back too, I would have died on the sewing table.


vintage 1960s inspired plaid shift dress sewing dressmaking IMG_5780But you know what, I am actually rather pleased with how the contrasting patch pockets turned out! They are a wee tiny but I think I have done a good job at sewing them on.

vintage 1960s inspired plaid shift dress sewing dressmaking As of now, I have worn the dress about twice as part of my current weekend capsule wardrobe. I am still not happy with the way the sleeves are making me use my arms like a T-Rex, and I am seriously thinking about either taking the sleeves off completely, or…. *cue horror music* try drafting the sleeves again for the third time.

We’ll see!

OUTFIT: Singapore Mod Swing 2016

Vintage Retro Mondrian 1960s Shift Dress Outfit

Vintage Retro Mondrian 1960s Shift Dress Outfit

A couple of months ago, while I was surfing Facebook on a dull evening at home, I chanced upon a page called “Singapore Mod Swing“. The word “mod” and the ska music on the page piqued my interest, so I clicked on.

And then, a recruitment post for “floorshakers” for a “gnarly vintage experience” caught my eye. I took a chance and signed up for it.


Vintage Retro Mondrian 1960s Shift Dress Outfit

Wearing: Retro style round blue sunnies (ASOS from years ago), white round earrings (had them for as long as I can remember)

Several weeks and numerous dance practice sessions later, I did my very first flashmob with Soul Shakers Singapura right in the middle of the busy Bussorah Street on a Friday Night. And then we did it again on the day of Singapore Mod Swing 2016. And again at the A-Go-Go Night at Kampong Gelam for the Singapore Heritage Fest 2016.

It has been such an exhilarating experience dancing with the team of bright and happy people of Soul Shakers Singapura! And of course, Singapore Mod Swing 2016 was an absolute blast. I had the best time dancing along to the bands and soaking in the 60’s mod vibes surrounding me. Who knew that a 60’s mod culture existed in Singapore!

Vintage Retro Mondrian 1960s Shift Dress Outfit

Bits and pieces from the event – 2 strips of Photo Booth printout via Kombi Rocks and Singapore Mod Swing 2016 memorabilia! I was also interviewed by Rinniey for the Singapore Mod Swing 2016 zine!

Being a mod event, I took the chance to break out my handmade Mondrian shift dress and accessories that represent the swinging 60’s. To be honest, this 60’s YSL inspired Mondrian shift dress was not my first choice for the event. I made this little 60’s inspired dress way back in 2013 (here) and it has slowly made it’s way into my work wardrobe. I have this weird thing about separating my work from my weekend wardrobe. Putting a dress into the work wardrobe is almost like… a downgrade of its status. It’s like saying, “hey, you’re no longer pretty enough for the weekends. You’re just good enough for wearing to work.” Weird, I know, but that’s how my brain works. Alas, I couldn’t find the dress I was hoping to wear (I think it’s at my parents’ place), so I gave this dress another chance.


Vintage Retro 1960's Mondrian Mod Outfit

Wearing: Mondrian shift dress (handmade), vintage 60’s purse (Granny’s Day Out, *now closed*), white tights, retro style saddle shoes (DIY)

Vintage Retro Mondrian 1960s Shift Dress Outfit

What a pleasant surprise! I had more fun dressing up with this little 60’s inspired number than I thought I would, and I’m reinstating its status in my weekend wardrobe for now. But that said, it’s not part of my current weekend capsule wardrobe so it’s just gonna stay in a corner of my closet for now.


Vintage Retro 1960's Mondrian Mod Outfit

Three things you need for the swinging 60’s look – beehive, long (fake) lashes, and frosty pink lips

Oh, speaking of weekend wardrobes, I have included a tartan shift dress that I have recently made with a self-drafted pattern in my current capsule wardrobe. I can’t wait to share the project with everyone soon! xxx G


SEWN: Dare to Pear Dress

Dare to Pear Dress - 1

Groovy, baby

Dare to Pear Dress - 2

I bought a yard or so of this lovely knitted fabric with repeated pear print in Sydney AGES ago. As the fabric itself is kinda quirky and attention-grabbing, I decided to make a simple shift dress with it, using a long knitted dress I have as a base (i.e. no paper pattern involved). I have never worked with knitted fabric prior to this and boy was I in for a ride. I finished the neckline and the sleeve openings using bias tape I made with the same fabric and.. all I can say it that it needed a lot of patience..

And then I decided to get a little creative and do a curved hem for the dress. That was the worst decision I made in the process of making this dress. The dress turned out a little too short to be a real dress but still a little too long to be a tank top. It’s still really cute in my opinion but I am just finding it hard to reconcile with the ultra mini length.

Maybe all I need is a pair of white plastic hoop earrings and white go-go boots, then I’ll be good to go. Swinging sixties look, of course.