DIY: Jean Seberg’s New York Herald Tribune T-shirt

The New York Herald Tribune t-shirt is an iconic fashion piece that was worn by Jean Seberg in the movie “Breathless”. Since the release of the French New Wave movie in 1960, the t-shirt, like Seberg’s gamine pixie haircut, has gained a cult following and inspired many, including me. There’s something about the combination of a clean white shirt and classic typography that is very appealing. Ever since I got my haircut and watch the film, I wanted a t-shirt like that to wear for casual days out.

Apparently, Rodarte even released an almost identical design in 2010 to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the film’s release. I’m not sure how much that t-shirt by Rodarte costs and I’m not even going to try looking it up, because I made one myself easily.

And you can do it too, with a print-out of the New York Herald Tribune logo. Tip: Search on Google!

Jean Seberg Breathless T-shirt 1960s Vintage Retro DIY


1x piece of freezer paper
1x penknife
1x plain white t-shirt
1x print out of the New York Herald Tribune (ideally full A4)
1x pot of black fabric paint
1x paint brush
Some washi tape



1. Trace the logo on the side of the freezer paper without the smooth, shiny wax.

jean seberg new york herald tribune t-shirt DIY 1960s fashion2. Cut out the letters on the freezer paper with a penknife. Some letters will be tricky, like “O” and “R”. You can choose to either cut the inner piece out and stick it on later (like my letter “O”) or cut the letters out like a stencil (like my letter “R”).

jean seberg new york herald tribune t-shirt DIY 1960s fashion3. Iron the freezer paper on the t-shirt. Notice that the inner circle of my “o” is missing in this picture. I stuck in on later.

4. And now the fun part! Slap on the paint over the letters and make sure you got all the itty bitty corners covered.

jean seberg new york herald tribune t-shirt DIY 1960s fashionjean seberg new york herald tribune t-shirt DIY 1960s fashion5. You may end up with some thin lines in each letter that don’t show up from your painting. Stick some wash tape to make sure you mark the boundaries and paint over with confidence!

6. Ta da! And it’s all done!

jean seberg new york herald tribune t-shirt DIY 1960s fashion

jean seberg new york herald tribune t-shirt DIY 1960s fashion


DIY/MUST-HAVE: Vintage-inspired Saddle Shoes

DIY Vintage Inspired Saddle Shoes

*This post is also featured as a guest post on Atomic Amber’s fabulous pin-up and vintage style blog.* >>> here!

Saddle shoes were very popular in the 1940s and 1950s, and are a must-have for anyone that loves mid-century fashion. Back in 2012, I made a pair of two-tone oxford brogues using bronze fabric paint. Now that I am slowly progressing towards a more vintage-inspired wardrobe, I find that I need a pair of black and white saddle shoes to supplement my wardrobe. And being me, I’d much rather make a pair myself than to buy a pair online.

So here’s a simple tutorial for everyone out there who wants to make a pair too!


DIY Vintage Inspired Saddle Shoes

A pair of white plimsolls – I got mine from Target
A pot of black fabric paint
A paint brush with a flat or sharp tip for precision during painting
Black fabric marker
Sticky tape – I used wash tape I have in my stash


DIY Vintage Inspired Saddle Shoes

1. Remove the shoe laces. Place sticky tape somewhere off the centre of the shoes. Also, tape the tongue of the shoe down so it doesn’t get in the way while you paint.

DIY Vintage Inspired Saddle Shoes

2. Use the black fabric marker to mark a semi-circle on the back of the shoes. I followed the stitching pattern that was already on the plimsolls.

DIY Vintage Inspired Saddle Shoes

3. Start painting away! Don’t be too worried about getting paint on the eyelets because you can wipe the paint off before it dries.

DIY Vintage Inspired Saddle Shoes

4. Wipe off any paint you have on the eyelets. You can also clean the insides using cotton buds.

DIY Vintage Inspired Saddle Shoes

5. Allow the paint to dry for a day, then set the paint with an iron. Avoid being too close to the rubber soles because you don’t want to melt the rubber!

DIY Vintage Inspired Saddle Shoes

6. Put the laces back on and smile, because you now own a pair of saddle shoes!

DIY Vintage Inspired Saddle Shoes

Wearing: Freddies of Pinewood Lana jeans and #gwenstellamade vintage-inspired saddle shoes

DIY Vintage Inspired Saddle Shoes

DIY Vintage Inspired Saddle Shoes

A couple of weekends ago, I wore my “new” saddle shoes for the very first time. I’m so excited about all the different ways I can incorporate it into my mid-century outfits in the future! Let me know if you make a pair for yourself too. I’d love to see your projects! x G


I WEAR DIY: Chambray and Lace

I haven’t had much to say lately. Maybe it’s all for the better, because I mostly write nonsense anyway. 

You should have seen this outfit in the DIY tutorial post. But here are just some more gratuitous pictures of myself. With my new haircut. And a lot of wind. By the way, that’s my birthmark on my right leg. 

P.S.: Yes I am still wearing my very very worn white (perhaps off-white is more accurate) plimsolls.

The tutorial for the skirt, which by the way, was originally an oversized shirt, can be found here.

I WEAR DIY: Purple and Bleached Denim

Hi guys, I’m finally crawling out of my pile of notes and coming back to my blog. I would have been jumping around my room playing air guitar with the song Johnny B. Goode blasting in the background. But right now I just feel drained. Grrr… 

I know I promised a Refashion Tutorial. That will be TOMORROW! YAYY!!!

Meanwhile… a late I WEAR DIY post. It’s something that I wore on October 20th, Spirit Day.

Bleached Denim Jacket: DIY (thrifted and bleached)
Little Miss Tee: swapped at some clothing exchange
Skirt: Dress worn as skirt
Charm Bracelet: DIY

Also, I think it’s time I throw my white plimsolls away. But… it’s so comfortable!!!

Oh, and my tutorials have been appearing on and (^_^)v

I WEAR DIY: Butter Chicken

(P.S.: the reason for the title is in the last picture of the post)

DIY tutorial for Ethnic Headband (the thing that I am wearing on my head) can be found here.

Denim Bolero: Samuel & Kevin, Singapore
Awesome Maxi Dress (currently my favourite dress): SES, Sydney, 12.95AUD
Owl necklace and ring: eBay, less than 3AUD each!
Bracelets and bangle: everywhere
Headband: DIY

Ok, just something to say about my recent I WEAR DIY posts. What do you guys think about it? I know it’s not exactly very related to craft and DIY. But would you guys like to see more of it or are you guys getting annoyed by the pictures overload (and shameless self-promotion)?



I haven’t been doing much lately. Oh, but here is a necklace that I made a while ago but never blogged about (I think). 

It was supposed to be for my mum. She had a similar store-bought one that broke, so she requested me to make a new one for her. I forgot what happened after making this necklace. She probably wasn’t happy with the length of the chain or something. I guess that’s why the necklace is here with me in Sydney and not back home with her.

I WEAR DIY: School House Rock


Hello everyone! It’s been quite a while since I last wrote about something that I am making/have made. I am terribly sorry about that and I promise to post a DIY tutorial this weekend! (Psst, it’s gonna be a sewing project…)

Meanwhile, I have been enjoying my DIY projects that I have made in the past… by wearing them! Remember the rosette and lace refashioned tee that I made a while ago? I have been wearing it rather frequently.

I thought it would be nice to show you guys how I wear my DIY items and thus I decided to write this post. I always end up looking like a punk rocker wannabe. Seriously, I have no idea why.

That’s all for now and stay tuned for a tutorial that is coming up this weekend! I shall be off to do my school assignments now. 

If I were a red balloon, I’d be both red and round

Also seen here at Chictopia

I really apologise for that abysmal post of my Millefoglie scarf. That picture really did not do any justice to the scarf that I have grown to love so much.

So here I am once again, posting up pictures of me and my lovely Millefoglie scarf, and taking a great risk of making the impression of being a cam whore. Maybe I am. Then again, we’re only young once.

A picture of the Millefoglie scarf in full.

You can see all the different types of yarn that makes up the scarf! All these types are found in a single ball. The yarn just changes as you knit along. BUT! I added the plastic pearls to the plain maroon bit on my own. 

Soft, glittery yarn

A knot I made. 

I tied simple knots near the ends of the scarf to shorten it and… well, to make it more stylish. I think it makes it look more chic.