DIY: Jean Seberg’s New York Herald Tribune T-shirt

The New York Herald Tribune t-shirt is an iconic fashion piece that was worn by Jean Seberg in the movie “Breathless”. Since the release of the French New Wave movie in 1960, the t-shirt, like Seberg’s gamine pixie haircut, has gained a cult following and inspired many, including me. There’s something about the combination of a clean white shirt and classic typography that is very appealing. Ever since I got my haircut and watch the film, I wanted a t-shirt like that to wear for casual days out.

Apparently, Rodarte even released an almost identical design in 2010 to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the film’s release. I’m not sure how much that t-shirt by Rodarte costs and I’m not even going to try looking it up, because I made one myself easily.

And you can do it too, with a print-out of the New York Herald Tribune logo. Tip: Search on Google!

Jean Seberg Breathless T-shirt 1960s Vintage Retro DIY


1x piece of freezer paper
1x penknife
1x plain white t-shirt
1x print out of the New York Herald Tribune (ideally full A4)
1x pot of black fabric paint
1x paint brush
Some washi tape



1. Trace the logo on the side of the freezer paper without the smooth, shiny wax.

jean seberg new york herald tribune t-shirt DIY 1960s fashion2. Cut out the letters on the freezer paper with a penknife. Some letters will be tricky, like “O” and “R”. You can choose to either cut the inner piece out and stick it on later (like my letter “O”) or cut the letters out like a stencil (like my letter “R”).

jean seberg new york herald tribune t-shirt DIY 1960s fashion3. Iron the freezer paper on the t-shirt. Notice that the inner circle of my “o” is missing in this picture. I stuck in on later.

4. And now the fun part! Slap on the paint over the letters and make sure you got all the itty bitty corners covered.

jean seberg new york herald tribune t-shirt DIY 1960s fashionjean seberg new york herald tribune t-shirt DIY 1960s fashion5. You may end up with some thin lines in each letter that don’t show up from your painting. Stick some wash tape to make sure you mark the boundaries and paint over with confidence!

6. Ta da! And it’s all done!

jean seberg new york herald tribune t-shirt DIY 1960s fashion

jean seberg new york herald tribune t-shirt DIY 1960s fashion

DIY/MUST-HAVE: Vintage-inspired Saddle Shoes

DIY Vintage Inspired Saddle Shoes

*This post is also featured as a guest post on Atomic Amber’s fabulous pin-up and vintage style blog.* >>> here!

Saddle shoes were very popular in the 1940s and 1950s, and are a must-have for anyone that loves mid-century fashion. Back in 2012, I made a pair of two-tone oxford brogues using bronze fabric paint. Now that I am slowly progressing towards a more vintage-inspired wardrobe, I find that I need a pair of black and white saddle shoes to supplement my wardrobe. And being me, I’d much rather make a pair myself than to buy a pair online.

So here’s a simple tutorial for everyone out there who wants to make a pair too!


DIY Vintage Inspired Saddle Shoes

A pair of white plimsolls – I got mine from Target
A pot of black fabric paint
A paint brush with a flat or sharp tip for precision during painting
Black fabric marker
Sticky tape – I used wash tape I have in my stash


DIY Vintage Inspired Saddle Shoes

1. Remove the shoe laces. Place sticky tape somewhere off the centre of the shoes. Also, tape the tongue of the shoe down so it doesn’t get in the way while you paint.

DIY Vintage Inspired Saddle Shoes

2. Use the black fabric marker to mark a semi-circle on the back of the shoes. I followed the stitching pattern that was already on the plimsolls.

DIY Vintage Inspired Saddle Shoes

3. Start painting away! Don’t be too worried about getting paint on the eyelets because you can wipe the paint off before it dries.

DIY Vintage Inspired Saddle Shoes

4. Wipe off any paint you have on the eyelets. You can also clean the insides using cotton buds.

DIY Vintage Inspired Saddle Shoes

5. Allow the paint to dry for a day, then set the paint with an iron. Avoid being too close to the rubber soles because you don’t want to melt the rubber!

DIY Vintage Inspired Saddle Shoes

6. Put the laces back on and smile, because you now own a pair of saddle shoes!

DIY Vintage Inspired Saddle Shoes

Wearing: Freddies of Pinewood Lana jeans and #gwenstellamade vintage-inspired saddle shoes

DIY Vintage Inspired Saddle Shoes

DIY Vintage Inspired Saddle Shoes

A couple of weekends ago, I wore my “new” saddle shoes for the very first time. I’m so excited about all the different ways I can incorporate it into my mid-century outfits in the future! Let me know if you make a pair for yourself too. I’d love to see your projects! x G


DIY: Rockabilly-inspired brolly

DIY: Rockabilly-inspired tattoo
Aloha Oe

Well, well, well. If I’m not wrong, this is the very first DIY post on this blog. Wow, it’s been a long time since I last wrote about a DIY project on my previous blog.

This is actually a super quick, super fun and super cheap DIY project. More importantly, the possibilities are limitless!

Permanent markers of various markers
1 x transparent brolly
Print-outs of your desired design – *flipped horizontally*


My original plan for this project was to draw a traditional American / Rockabilly / Sailor Jerry tattoo design on each panel of the umbrella. But I later thought that it might be a bit too much, so I settled for the Aloha Oe design instead. If I could, I would have this permanently inked on my left upper arm. I digress…


So, after drawing the Aloha Oe design, the brolly looked a tad plain, so I decided to add in more drawings. The flowers – if you look very carefully – are actually the same ones from the original Aloha Oe design. I simply changed the number of leaves for each flower to make them look different. 

And this is how you can make your own unique brolly!

1. Place the print-out of the design on the external surface of the brolly wherever you want it and tape it in place.

Mirror-image from underside of umbrella

2. Position the brolly upside-down. This is needed because you will be drawing on the inside of the brolly! Outline the image with permanent markers and colour it in as necessary.

3. Wait for the ink for dry completely.

4. Repeat for the rest of the brolly as necessary. 

5. Done! 

And now, I can’t wait for it to rain so I could use my new brolly!

DIY: Tie-dye stockings / Halloween Zombie stockings

DIY Tie-dye Zombie Stockings

A few weeks ago, my friends and I had a Crafternoon party where we fiddled with food dye and stockings. Our plan was to make ombre stockings and tie-dye stockings. The ombre stockings didn’t turn out great, but the tie-dye stockings turned out AMAZING. Well, at least in my opinion. So here’s the how-to! 

Nude nylon stockings
Food dyes and various colours (my advice is to get primary colours and then mix these colours to create more colours!)
A pot of boiling water
Gloves (if you don’t want to end up with funky fingertips like I did)
Rubber bands


1. Twist your stockings lengthwise until you end up with a ball-like mess. Secure the ball-like mess with a rubber band. Or you could think up more interesting ways to twist your stockings for a more unique tie-dye look. 

2. Add vinegar to your pot of boiling water. This helps to ensure that your stockings remain colourfast. I didn’t follow a formula for the ratio of water to vinegar. To me, this is creative craft, not a science experiment. 

3. Bring the water down to a simmer.

4. Add the desired coloured dye(s) into your pot of boiling water. (P.S.: It is highly recommended that you mix 2 different colours if you want the tie-dye effect like the one I have done. My friends and I started out with a pot of pink dye, then added blue to create purple. I popped my stockings into the pot of purple dye thinking that it would only give a purple tie-dye effect. But woah, surprise surprise! It turned out with an amazing diffused red and blue look.)

5. Leave the stockings in the pot for about 5 minutes (or longer if you want more colours to seep into the twisted bits). Sing a song while the stockings simmer in the pot. Alternatively, you can chant “Double, double toil and trouble. Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.”

6. Remove the stockings from the pot. Let it cool off for a bit, unravel it, then rinse it with water until the water runs clear.

Drying out our products

7. Lay it out to dry.

8. Wear it with pride.

Like a zombie

That’s how simple it is! Honestly, I can’t guarantee the same results, but do let me know how your stockings turn out if you do end up trying this.

x g

Tips: DIY Dolce & Gabanna inspired floral sunglasses

Dolce & Gabbana inspired DIY floral embellished sunglasses

It is a well-known fact that tutorials for the Dolce & Gabbana inspired DIY floral sunglasses have been done to death all over the Internet. So, instead of doing re-inventing the wheel, I thought of sharing some tips and some of the ideas that I have for this DIY project.

Tip #1: Pick a pair of sunglasses with thicker frame so that there is ample area for you to glue the flowers. A cat-eye frame is a plus because placing the flowers on the top tips of a cat-eye frame gives emphasis on the flowers.

Tip #2: Play around with placement of the flowers on the sunglasses using Blu-Tack to have a good idea of what the end-product will look like. This also allows you to wear the sunnies and decide if you actually like the look!

Tip #3: Use flowers of different sizes.

Tip #4: Try using metallic roses for a different look! 

Tip#5: Don’t stop at flowers/roses. Think big, think fruits and animals. Think Anna Dello Russo’s gold crocodile sunglasses. Now that’s another DIY idea!

Half-frame floral look. Not a fan.
Tried a full floral look and decided it was too much for me

Gold roses

So there you go, my tips for creating your very own DIY embellished sunglasses. To be honest, I haven’t glued the flowers to my sunnies. Those flowers are stuck to the sunnies with Blu-Tack. It’s so hard to decide on the one that I really want! But I have to say that I have deviating towards the one with the gold roses! 

Have fun! xx

DIY: Flower Crown

Flower Crown
Back view

This is another Rookie-inspired DIY project that has been on my to-do list for FAR TOO LONG. And now, it’s done. And now, I’m happy. And now, I am itching to make more.

Crochet roses

I made this flower crown using crochet roses that I made in various sizes, felt, a plain headband, and … lots of glue. Perhaps next time I will make one using really big, plastic flowers.  Now let me put on this flower crown and a white tutu, and then leave for an imaginary afternoon tea in my imaginary secret garden. x

P.S.: The photos were taken before I dyed my hair pink. My hair tips are still pink!
P.P.S.: Someone asked me about how I achieved the original black and blond ombre look in a comment on my original ombre hair post. I can’t help you at all because a friend did it for me! I simply provided the dye and the hair. 😛

DIY: Bejewelled clutch

Bejewelled Clutch
No secrets inside

This is the perfect type of DIY-with-your-TV project. I promise that you will not even notice the hours fly by. Just make sure that you don’t get too close to the project because the smell of the superglue might get to you.


1 x sunglasses case
1 x cosmetic bottle cap
Gold nail polish (or another colour of your choice)
Lots of tiny rhinestones

The cap

I got the tiny rhinestones from eBay and if I remember correctly, they cost me less than $10 in total. And the sunglasses case was $2 from a dollar shop. The cap was literally free because it came from a beauty product sample.


1. Glue the rhinestones all over.
2. Paint the cap with gold nail polish.

3. Glue the cap on the top of the clutch.
4. Put on red lipstick and your favourite pair of heels. Go out and party. Take this clutch with you.

Now all I need is an occasion to use take this clutch out. xx


// Pom Pom Cardigan, DIY / Arm party (see below for details) / Flashback Fuchsia nail polish, Ulta //

I have found that the way to feel good about my ombre hair is to dress in the right colours. I think green is one of them.

Also, let me use this opportunity to show some bracelets that I have made many months ago but haven’t got around to blogging. Ok, I will write a post on the full range of bracelets I’ve made… soooooon. 

From left to right: Kid’s watch from Kmart, bracelet from Rubi, DIY woven bracelet, DIY friendship bracelet
From left to right: DIY friendship bracelet, DIY bracelet made from wooden beads painted with neon yellow and white nail polish, thrifted bracelet that reads, ‘GOODNESS’

Later. x

DIY: Detachable Collar

DIY Detachable Collar

Finally, a DIY-related post. 

This detachable collar was inspired by a tutorial featured on Rookie here. If you’re not reading Rookie then you are missing out on something good. Anyway, the collar is from the same XL chambray shirt that I thrifted eons ago. Oh yes, I used the shirt to make a skirt here and now I’ve made a fun collar from remains of the shirt. I’m very much like the hunter that utilises every single part of a kill – skin, meat, fats, bones and all. Waste not, want not.

The shirt-to-skirt DIY

So here’s the skirt that I made from the same shirt. Ah, I looked so happy wearing it then. But just to let everyone know, I have a very fickle heart. I stopped loving the skirt a while ago and have given it to my friend. Perhaps it was partly due to the fact that it was part of the 30 X 30 wardrobe challenge I did last year. Wearing the same item repeatedly certainly has the tendency to make it fall out of favour.

The original shirt

I think I still have the sleeves and some other remnants of the shirt lying around… I can probably make a couple of bows and random stuff out of it. We’ll see! 🙂 


DIY: Pom Pom Cardigan

This is what happens when one feels the sudden urge to add more colours to one’s life (and sees a pack of craft pom pom lying on the table).

1 pack of craft pom poms
1 plain cardigan
Needle and thread


1. Decide where you want to place your pom poms
2. Sew them on!

I’ve worn this cardigan to uni a couple of times and someone commented that this cardigan reminded her of Dorothy the Dinosaur. =_= I just want to be clear – that was not my intention……………

Dorothy the Dinosaur (via)

Anyway, I still have a couple of the pom poms left and I’m thinking of using them to dress up some plain hair accessories or something. We’ll see!