SEWN: 1950’s style Blue Country Garden Dress (Vogue 8789)

Gwenstella Made Vogue 8789 Country Garden

Sewing Gwenstella Made Vogue 8789 Country Garden
Is it just me or is the year flying by at the speed of light? I can’t believe that it is already October and this is only my SECOND dress of the year. Only 2 dresses so far!?

Surprisingly, I actually made this in record time of less than a month. The queen of procrastination is procrastinating no more! At this rate, I am hoping to complete at least 1 more dress, 1 pair of shorts, 1 bra top, and 1 skirt before 2017 draws to an end. *insert strong arm emoji*

Sewing Gwenstella Made Vogue 8789 Country Garden

Sewing Gwenstella Made Vogue 8789 Country Garden
This dress was made using Vogue 8789, a reproduced vintage pattern from 1957. I made adjustments to the bust and waist, as usual, to fit my under-developed bust and very average waistline. Grading this pattern down to my size was super easy with its simple design.

The fabric I used for this project is a beautiful floral fabric from a collection called “Country Garden #11”, something I purchased from Spotlight many years ago. I have a couple of other designs from this series and I can’t wait to sew other things with them.

Sewing Gwenstella Made Vogue 8789 Country Garden

Inside out.

Topstitching around the seam between the bodice and the skirt. There was so much fluff underneath because of the gathered fabric for the skirt!

Invisible side zipper

The pattern asks for 4.75 yds of 45″ wide fabric for size 6, but I only had 3.5 yards of this 45″ wide fabric. So, instead of cutting 4 rectangular pieces to make up the skirt, I only cut 3 pieces. In spite of that, I actually still managed to get a rather decent body to the skirt with a petticoat underneath. I wonder what it would look like with the full volume as stated in the pattern!

Hem of the skirt finished with a rolled hem foot on the sewing machine to save yardage! Also, I’m a fan of leaving the selvedge of a fabric in the finished product so I can always remember what the the fabric is called.

Centre front seam – perfect match!

I am absolutely in love with the simplicity of the pattern. It was easy to sew and the style is such a classic 1950’s look. If I made the dress again, I’d definitely want to add a lining to the bodice, and use the same fabric for the armhole facing rather than a plain white fabric like I did for this dress. Finishing the armhole facing with bias tape wasn’t something that the instruction asked for, but I thought it would make my dress look more “finished” on the inside. I’d do it again for the next time I make a dress with this pattern, perhaps even with a fancier bias tape just to make things more interesting.

Sewing Gwenstella Made Vogue 8789 Country Garden

Do you have this pattern sitting in your stash? My recommendation is to dig it out and start sewing! xx G

21 thoughts on “SEWN: 1950’s style Blue Country Garden Dress (Vogue 8789)

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  2. hello , can you tell me how to find this pattern ? it’s difficult to find so nice pattern , and you did a very nice one !!
    sophie nuytten from france


    • Hi there! This pattern is by Vogue patterns, part of the Mccall Pattern Company. I usually buy my patterns from a craft shop like Jo-Ann and Spotlight. I am not sure what the equivalent of that in France would be! In any case, you can try buying secondhand from Easy, eBay, or buy directly from the online shop:

      Good luck! xx G


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  6. I’m super late to the game here- just found your blog *YAY*- I love this dress! I like your bias binding on the sleeve facing too. I’ve always found facings to be nuisances, not to sew but to live with after the garment is made. They don’t seem to be a nice finish, always needing tons of ironing to be in their place etc :/, so I think you have provided me with a bit of a solution here 🙂 thanks!!

    Also, I always have to take in the bust as well- did you just make the darts smaller? Any tips?


    • Hi there! Yay, I’m so glad you enjoy my blog. xx

      I think facings can be great if you want a bit more structure for the bodice. I find picking the right interface to be tricky!

      I usually take in the side seams! I try not to touch the darts too much cause they are trickier. It might also be affected by the shape of your boobs and chest? In any case, doing a good muslin will always be helpful! Hope you find this useful. I can pull out my modifications if you want to know specifically what changes I made for this pattern. xx Gwen


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