MUST HAVE: Sun Jellies Originals Tote for an Instant Retro Flair

Sun Jellies Jasmine tote retro 1950s style

I love plastic shoppers. They have a certain kitschy charm to them and they add an instant retro flair to any outfit.

Most of the retro and vintage bags that I have are pretty small and can’t carry much. This makes things tricky when I have to carry more than my bare essentials (i.e. lipstick, mobile, and purse) when going out.

Sun Jellies Jasmine tote retro 1950s style

Wearing: 1950’s style gingham swing dress (Hell Bunny), retro plastic jelly bag (Sun Jellies Originals)

Sun Jellies Jasmine tote retro 1950s style

Sun Jellies Jasmine tote retro 1950s style

Sun Jellies has a range of totes in delicious colours like white, pastel yellow, pastel blue and pastel pink (or you could also call them Serenity and Rose Quartz aka Pantone colours of the year haha). I am lucky to get my hands on the dreamy white version and I think it’s a lovely addition to my retro/vintage wardrobe. It’s a spacious carry-all that is perfect for trips to the beach and to the mall. Best of all, it has a clip that fastens the handles together so your things don’t fall out of the bag easily. Nothing beats the joy of having both convenience and style in a single bag!

Sun Jellies Jasmine tote retro 1950s style

1950's retro vintage pincurls Asian look

Also, I want to show my first attempt at doing pin curls on my short hair! XD

You can find Sun Jellies Originals on their site/Instagram/Twitter/Facebook

11 thoughts on “MUST HAVE: Sun Jellies Originals Tote for an Instant Retro Flair

  1. You look so beautiful, I love how you’ve been setting your hair lately – and that dress is amazing on you! Sunjellies bags are the greatest, I just can’t do small bags…I need to be able to carry everything with me all the time 😛


    • Thank you Harlow! This pin curling business took me a while to do and I really need to develop more patience for this! Most of the purses I own are actually pretty small. Being of a more petite frame, I like small purses because they don’t weigh down the way I look. Yes, I definitely struggle with fitting everything into small purses … Hmmm, this is probably the reason why I always find myself helpless without facial tissues or an umbrella when I need them… Oh well! xxx G


  2. Officially fabulous outfit and hair! This look is timelessly sweet and super-duper pretty, lovely lady.

    Those shoes are just fab, too. I’ve never owned an ankle tie pair like that (the closest would have been some dance shoes a zillion years ago), but you seriously have me coveting some now. 🙂

    Big hugs & happy wishes for the last week of January,
    ♥ Jessica


    • Thank you Jessica! I bought the shoes online and they fit horribly. But I haven’t been able to let them go because they look so lovely with everything I have! Ah, the things I do for beauty… XD



    • I used to think the same way and then I realised that no one can really tell what’s inside because the holes are pretty small! The holes make he jelly bags look more like a basket and that’s what I really like about it. ^_^ xo G


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