OUTFIT: Happy 2016 and my Missguided Red Lace Dress

Missguided Red Lace Dress 1950s Style

Oh hey everybody! It’s 2016! *insert party popper emoji*

I hope everyone had a smashing holiday over the Christmas and New Year’s weeks. One of my goals for the new year is to get back into the rhythm of blogging and to write more frequently. This MIGHT be something I mentioned last year… but with the new year comes new hope! Perhaps this year is the year that I really make it happen…

So, what did everyone do for the holidays? My boo and I spent Christmas in the States; we spent most of the time in Texas with his family but also took a little road trip down to New Orleans (aka food heaven). For New Year’s, we went out for a date in the evening to celebrate our 2nd year anniversary.

Missguided ASOS Red Lace Dress 1950s Style

Missguided ASOS Red Lace Dress 1950s Style

Missguided ASOS Red Lace Dress 1950s Style

I have been saving this dress for a special occasion and that definitely was it. This is a MISSGUIDED dress which my friend bought via ASOS. Unfortunately, it didn’t fit her so she passed it to a friend that would be able to wear it (aka yours truly). Lucky me!

Missguided ASOS Red Lace Dress 1950s Style

Missguided ASOS Red Lace Dress 1950s Style

Vintage 1950s Earrings

All the accessories that went along with my outfit are at least 2 or 3 years old. Yes, I like old things. My bag is a vintage beaded evening purse which I thrifted from Vinnies several years back when I was still living in Sydney. My earrings are vintage 1950s and they are actually Christmas presents from my boyfriend’s sister. I’m so smitten with them! Those heels are also from ASOS; they are about 2 years old and are getting pretty worn on the insides. I’m going wear them until they disintegrate.

That little Union Jack thingy is a Rimmel London smokey eyeshadow palette. Umm I bought when I was still in Sydney. Umm, that makes it at least 3 years old. Umm, I don’t think they even make this Union Jack eyeshadow palette anymore? Don’t judge me, these colours are EVERTHING. I am still constantly using them every weekend on my eyes. The only other thing that I should have included in the photo is my MAC Ruby Woo lippy, which is about 2 years old.

And there you go, a quick break-down of my New Year’s day outfit. Put your hands up if you think red and black are best friends! xo

9 thoughts on “OUTFIT: Happy 2016 and my Missguided Red Lace Dress

  1. I’m impressed that this dress is a Missguided one – I tend to dislike 90% of their stuff, but this is cute! Although saying that, I did pick up the most amazing bargain leopard faux fur jacket earlier this year from them, so I shouldn’t be so harsh 😉 x


  2. Majorly so!!! Toss grey and/or white into the mix and that has been my unofficial winter uniform for many years now. 🙂

    How awesome that you celebrated much of the holiday season in the States – and that you got to see New Orleans to boot. That is one of my top five dream US travel destinations. Hopefully I can follow your lead one day.

    Such a pretty, classic dress! Red lace really does have to be just about the most romantic fabric ever. Swoon!

    Big hugs & endlessly happy wishes for each day of 2016!
    ♥ Jessica


    • Well, Canada isn’t too far from the States and I’m sure you’ll be able to go various places in the States a lot more easily than I do at the moment. Speaking of travelling, I’d love to visit Canada some day too! x G


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