In the Mood for Love 1960s style cheongsam

A couple of weeks ago I took my man out to the Fullerton Hotel for a birthday buffet dinner. It was the perfect opportunity for me to bust out this tailor-made cheongsam that I made in Shanghai a few years ago. I am ashamed to say that this is only my second time wearing this cheongsam! The last time I wore this was a year ago…

In the Mood for Love 1960s style cheongsam

In the Mood for Love 1960s style cheongsam

The cheongsam is probably the oriental version of the LBD, in my opinion. It’s a great piece to have in anyone’s wardrobe. A tailor-made cheongsam accentuates your curves and adds instant glamour to your look. Also, it’s great for creating vintage-inspired looks! Some of my favourite inspirations are the long and slender looks of Shanghainese ladies from the 1920s – 1930s, as well as the stiff high-collar design of 1960s cheongsams like the ones in “In the Mood for Love”.

Mid-century cheongsams


1930s Shanghainese cheongsams


I paired my cream floral cheongsam with bright pink satin chunky heels and a vintage beaded bag for a vintage inspired look. I wanted a 1960’s look, so I wore my mid-century cluster clip-on earrings.

1960s vintage inspired cheongsam

1960s vintage inspired cheongsam

I have 2 other cheongsams in my wardrobe, of which one has never been worn. SHOCKER! I should wear it soon…

How about you? For those people who own cheongsam(s), when was the last time you wore a cheongsam? For those people who don’t own a cheongsam (yet), do you fancy a cheongsam in your wardrobe?

(Note: The pictures of the 1930s and 1960s cheongsams are from Pinterest. Unfortunately, none of the links for the images worked, so I apologise for not including the original sources.)

21 thoughts on “OUTFIT/MUST-HAVE: The Oriental LBD

  1. The fabric of this cheongsam is absolutely stunning and paired with those fuchsia platforms…*swoon*. I bought some cheongsams a few years ago and really love wearing them, but I don’t plan on wearing them on the blog anytime soon as last time I did I got a lot of comments saying that I was a racist for wearing it. In the Mood for Love is a brilliant film, the high light of it for me is the beautiful cinematography, I need to re-watch it again soon.


    • Oh god, I’m so sorry to hear that people were accusing you of cultural appropriation for wearing a cheongsam. I know you didn’t mean any harm… but things like cultural appropriation can be really tricky.

      Yes, In the Mood for Love is a wonderful movie! I actually haven’t got around to watching 2046… I should do that soon! x G


  2. I use to wear mine all of the time… well up until 8 years ago. When i got with my partner. I always feel odd being a white girl in a cheongsam with a Chinese partner.


  3. I love the look of a cheongsam, and you look absolutely exquisite in yours. Those vintage photos are just stunning – most of the vintage fashion photos that I get to see are American or European, so I love seeing something from another part of the globe and another culture.


  4. Stellar outfit! I love that you went with such a punchy, eye-catching shade for your shoes. It takes this outfit up to a whole new level and really, really looks cool to boot. Fabulous styling, dear gal!

    ♥ Jessica


  5. I always meant to comment on this post, what happened?! I LOVE how you look in this cheongsam! I’ve always adored the look of them but I’m nervous about getting one for myself because I don’t want to look like a poser/cultural appropriator lol.. But sometimes I feel differently about that when it comes to vintage. It’s a struggle though! XP such a change of topic there lol, anyway wear this more because you look SMOKIN’!


    • Thank you Lauren! Yeah, the issue on cultural appropriation is tricky and sensitive to many. You’re not the first one who has voiced this concern! At the risk of delving too much into this serious issue, I just want to say that growing up and living in Singapore (aka a non-white dominant country), makes me feel differently about cultural appropriation sometimes. Obviously it’s because my culture is the dominant culture here and I haven’t been systematically discriminated in any sense… But I think the issue is very real in many places out there so we must always be careful in making our “fashion” choices. x G


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