1960s style pixie cut

1960s style pixie cut

Every once in a while, I feel the desperate need for a change in my hairstyle. Back when I was in uni, I grew my hair long for over 2 years with the grand plan of bleaching the tips and dyeing them a funky colour. I did it and loved it. Then I started work and hiding my wild roots proved to be pretty cumbersome. So, I chopped the coloured tips.

Last year, I grew weary of the hot, humid weather of Singapore and the constant need to tie my hair up at work. So, I chopped it to a little bob that was just above the shoulder.

Then my hair grew long and I was enjoying doing vintage long hairstyles on weekends. But the longer it grew, the more tiresome it became when tying it up for work. I often ended up with a slight headache at the end of the day for some reason.

I finally decided to get a pixie cut when I found myself being mesmerised by Viv Maguire’s style on Love Child (an Australian drama series set in the 1969). I thought doing vintage style with a pixie cut would be something new and fun, so I decided to try it out!

Now, I trawl Pinterest and the rest of the Internet on a regular basis for photos of Jean Seberg, Twiggy, and Edie Sedgwick. These style icons from the swinging 1960s are my inspirations.

Twiggy and her eye make-up:


I have only given Twiggy’s eye make-up a try (just for fun) once. The additional eyeliner along the upper sockets of the eye doesn’t work the same way for my eyes (for obvious reasons), but I think I am going to give it another go just to see how I could tweak it and make it more suitable for myself.

Jean Seberg and her casual 1960s style:


I haven’t personally watched Breathless, but this iconic t-shirt has definitely taken my breath away! I have some ideas brewing in my head for recreating this t-shirt. I can’t wait to recreate this classic, casual look.

Edie Sedgwick and her statement earrings:


I have a whole bunch of dangly statement earrings kept away in a jewellery box for the longest time. To me, dangly statement earrings have always been so pretty to look at but so tricky to wear. But looking at Edie Sedgwick’s photos just make me think, “whatever!” These black ornate statement pieces are stunning, and I think maybe I will try to recreate them too.

1960s style pixie cut

How about you? Do you have any style muse? Do you also consider hairstyle when searching for vintage style inspiration?

x G


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