SEWN: 1940’s style Retro Rosie Floral Dress (Pink version)

1940's vintage style retro rosie floral dress in pink

Last week I wrote about the purple version of my Retro Rosie dress that I made using the Retro Butterick B5209 paper pattern. Guess what? I have another version of the dress in pink!

Sometimes I can’t help but laugh at my own silliness. Yes, I bought the same fabric design in 2 different colours and made 2 similar dresses out of it using the same paper pattern. Blame it on my old soul, but I have a weakness for coordinated wardrobes like people used to in the past. If I had enough fabric I would even want to make a separate skirt! And then for a whole month, I would be wearing items from the same series on the weekends. Hehe.

1940's vintage style retro rosie floral dress in pink

1940's vintage style retro rosie floral dress in pink

1940's vintage style retro rosie floral dress in pink

Wearing: Handmade 1940’s vintage style Retro Rosie floral dress; pink sunnies from; black ballet flats from London Rebel; handmade pink peony hair pin

Butterick Retro B5209


This pink version of my Retro Rosie dress comes with sleeves and the original gathered skirt. Nothing major happened throughout the cutting and sewing process. However, similar to the purple version, the bodice turned out a little loose on me. Fortunately, the sleeves and the presence of a back piece made it all look ok and not too baggy on me, so I didn’t have to do any adjustments like I did for the purple version. I’d definitely resize it if I ever made another one again!

1940's vintage style retro rosie floral dress in pink

1940's vintage style retro rosie floral dress in pink

And now that you’ve seen both versions of the Retro Rosie dress, tell me, which one is your favourite? I’d love to hear your thoughts! x

11 thoughts on “SEWN: 1940’s style Retro Rosie Floral Dress (Pink version)

  1. First of all, let me say how embarrassed I am for only just now finding your blog! I love all of your insta posts and seeing all of your photos in HD is even more amazing. This dress is gorgeous, beautiful fabric and perfect cut – you look flawless.


  2. Googling info on this pattern and SURPRISE! I see your post pop up. This dress looks way cuter on you than on the pattern envelope! And it seems like it didn’t give you TOO much trouble. I always worry about buying new sewing patterns, but like you, I’m smitten with the Marilyn vibe of this one… you wear it well, dear!


    • Nope, it didn’t give me TOO much trouble. The sleeved version worked better for me though. I’m pretty flat chested so the sleeveless version turned out a little baggy on the top but I fixed it with some elastic threads sewn at the back. You can check out my sleeveless purple version of the dress!

      Can’t wait to see your version. You’re a talented seamstress and I’m sure you’ll have no problems with this pattern at all! xx Gwen


      • Aw thank you! Glad to hear your issues were easily fixed. I expect I’ll try out the sleeveless one in the future but for now I’m doing the sleeved version. I love both of your versions!! So summery 🙂


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  4. Looks awesome! I am in the middle of making this one and had to stop and read some from others that have made it. After seeing yours, I guess I won’t give up hope completely…
    It is a lovely dress.


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