STYLE: One Harlequin cropped top, two rockabilly looks

These last 2 months have just FLEW by. I have been really busy with my vintage shop and everything else that is happening in my personal life.

One thing that has been keeping me busy is a new phone app called Carousell where I am trying to sell my pre-loved items and keep the size of my wardrobe in check. But of course, I get distracted and end up buying pre-loved from others instead. I like pre-loved. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I bought a new dress or skirt or shirt from a shop. Singapore is a small country and the chances of you wearing the same H&M skirt as another girl on Orchard Road is probably 70%. Yeah, I just pulled that out of my head. But I’m probably right. 😉

More importantly, buying pre-loved is GREEN. It’s reusing something that is still in good condition, and reducing the waste that is created. I could talk about the environment for the entire post… but let’s do that another time.

So here’s a Harlequin cropped top that I bought from Carousell a few weeks ago. It actually came with a pair of matching shorts in the same red and white Harlequin print. I love the rockabilly vibe it gives and it works out as such a great staple as I continue to build my rockabilly wardrobe.

Rockabilly Style #1 – wearing: handmade cherry brooch, thrifted retro mid-century style bag, navy circle skirt from, shoes from

Rockabilly Style #2 – wearing: retro beaded bag (handmade by a friend of a friend), Uniqlo jeans, $2 paper fan, shoes from

Hopefully , I’ll continue to sell my pre-loved items on Carousell and streamline my wardrobe further. Wardrobe overhaul is a long and arduous process.

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