STYLE INSPIRATION: Pretty in Pink (1986)

If you have been following my shop gee whiz! Facebook page, Instagram account (@geewhiz_co) and Etsy shop, you would know that several pink beauties have landed in the shop in the past week. Also, I have been gushing about Andie Walsh’s style in Pretty in Pink. And here’s one whole blog post dedicated to the style icon that is Molly Ringwald aka Andie Walsh in Pretty in Pink!

I watched Pretty in Pink on one of those long and lonely nights in Sydney and I have to say that it is one of the movies that have made me very inspired (style-wise). It is probably the first movie that got me into vintage and retro style (second comes Grease, then Annie Hall). Everything in Andie’s wardrobe is absolutely to-die-for. Her style can be summarised as such: haphazard matching for a volcanic ensemble. Or, basically, granny-chic.

Putting together the listings for those vintage pink dresses and vintage pink blouses for gee whiz! has reignited my obsession with Pretty in Pink, and made me gather all the screenshots from the movie for an in-depth analysis of Andie Walsh’s style.

So, do you like granny-chic style i.e. dressing like a nanna? Wanna dress like Andie Walsh? Follow these simple rules..

#1: Always have pink in your outfit

Pretty-in-Pink-pretty-in-pink-4271402-852-480Almost every single one of Andie’s outfits in the movie contains the colour pink (and if it doesn’t, she still wears vintage.. we’ll see this later). Damn, even a simple pink collared blouse makes her look so good. Why is she so pretty?

#2: Choose a collar with a lacy design

Pretty-in-Pink-pretty-in-pink-4268790-852-480Because wearing a plain pink blouse every time would be BORRRRING. And we know Andie *never* looks boring.

#3: Add more lace!


Pretty-in-Pink-pretty-in-pink-4274250-852-480Gotta have some textures in your outfit. Gotta be lace.

#4: Wear dangling gold and/or pearl earrings. Wear only one of it.


Pretty-in-Pink-pretty-in-pink-4273046-852-480Andie often wears dangling vintage/retro earrings … but only on the left ear. Maybe the other earring was already missing when she bought it in the thrift shop. Maybe she is a klutz and keeps misplacing her earrings. Maybe she has a great sense of style..

#5: Wear statement necklaces. Wear it with a collared blouse.

Pretty-in-Pink-pretty-in-pink-4271694-852-480And it’s gotta be gold. Wear your necklaces with #2 in mind.

#6: Wear skirts beyond your knee


Pretty-in-Pink-pretty-in-pink-4274222-852-480Because grannies don’t wear mini-skirts.

#7: If without pink, choose baby blue


Pretty-in-Pink-pretty-in-pink-4270490-852-480It seems like baby blue may be Andie’s second favourite colour. So, I guess baby blue can be an option if you are repeating your pink items too much. But never ever forget #3!

#8: Top it off with a hat

Pretty-in-Pink-pretty-in-pink-4269050-852-480Pretty-in-Pink-pretty-in-pink-4273777-852-480Put on a hat for the ultimate volcanic ensemble. Don’t forget to add a touch of floral (i.e. #3) with a skinny floral scarf, and wear only ONE dangling earring (i.e. #4)

Are you inspired? Well, I am. And here’s MORE beautiful pastel pink outfits to inspire you!

vintage pretty in pink granny chic style

Japanese Vintage 70s Sweet Pale Pink/Peach Romantic Feminine Lace Collared Lady Dress with Gold-tone Buttons

vintage pretty in pink granny chic style

Vintage 70s / 80s Japanese Floral Rose Lace Cotton Blouse with Long Sleeves and Collar

vintage pretty in pink granny chic style

Japanese Vintage 70s Sweet Deep Dark Pink Romantic Feminine Lace Frills Lady Dress with Matching Belt

Japanese Vintage Floral Rose Lace Blouse with Faux Pearl Buttons and Long Sleeves

Japanese Vintage Floral Rose Lace Blouse with Faux Pearl Buttons and Long Sleeves

vintage pretty in pink granny chic style

Japanese Vintage Deep Pink Romantic Frilly Ruffles Blouse with Long Sleeves

vintage pretty in pink granny chic style

Vintage 70s / 80s Japanese Ruffles Lace Country Western V-design Satin Polyester Blouse with Long Sleeves and Collar

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x Gwen

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