OUTFIT: Just a hint of blue

It just occurred to me that the months have gone past so quickly this year. Or maybe it does the same thing every year. And now I am feeling a little sad about how I still have so much I have not achieved for the year.

This year is extra special for me because I got a step closer to fulfilling my dreams (and reaching my late twenties).

I finally started gee whiz! – a vintage clothing business that I have always dreamed about! I set up shop with the very limited stock I had in April on Phonographic Day (otherwise known as Record Store Day) with the good folks from Retrophonics Records and FLABSLAB in Singapore. And then, I launched my Etsy shop in June and have been working on adding more inventory to the shop. If you didn’t know already, juggling a full-time job, pattern-making classes, a vintage clothing shop, and maintaining a social life is tricky!

It’s been several months since I started gee whiz!, but it is definitely still far from what I envisioned it to be. But I am definitely going to continue with what feels right for me and hopefully, everything will fall into place someday!

And so, here I am, out on a brunch date with the man and wearing a vintage 70’s dress that was supposed to end up in the shop. Yes, I shop for myself and gee whiz! at the same time when I shop for vintage. How am I supposed to resist? Sometimes I find it really hard to decide if I want to keep a vintage piece of clothing or put it in the shop! But alas, I only have one life and one body, so good things must be shared.

If you like this dress, you may also like some of the other things I have in my shop. Visit gee whiz!’s Etsy shop to check them out. Click on the gee whiz! logo to go.

Alternatively, you can read more about my inspirations I get from vintage style on the gee whiz! blog.


gee whiz!www.geewhiz.co


6 thoughts on “OUTFIT: Just a hint of blue

  1. Definitely great pick for a dress! I really like the fact that you’re juggling between your involvement with your fashion business on Etsy and your full-time job. What do you work as?


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