Made: Amigurumi Potted Plant

A pot of irises

I cannot remember the last time I crocheted something for myself. This is a pot of purple flowers which I crocheted for a friend last year. I was meant to attend her wedding in Sydney, but things didn’t work out and I didn’t end up flying back to Sydney for the wedding…

Long story short – this is something I made for a friend called Iris. I like to imagine that those purple flowers are actually irises…

If you like this, you can check out the crochet pattern that is available for free on the Lion Brand website here. And, as usual, I didn’t follow the pattern fully. I was meant to make crochet green leaves for the plant too, but I figured I wouldn’t have the space. I was right – I didn’t end up using a couple of flowers! I made brooches with those leftover flowers. 

Also, I was meant to sew the flowers on the potted plant. But why go through the trouble when I have a glue gun sitting in my drawer?

Purple flowers
The pot
The filled pot
This quick and easy project reminded me of how much I used to love making crochet flowers. I should start knitting and crocheting more often again. And now, I think I am going to have a quick look at all the vintage crochet and knitting patterns I have collected over the years and start a new project… x

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