Review: Hell Bunny Chantal 50’s Dress

Another Hell Bunny purchase! This is the Hell Bunny Chantal 50’s dress that I bought at the start of this year with my first paycheck. I wore it for the second time a couple of weeks ago and finally got the chance to take some photos for the blog!


I got the smallest size they had (i.e. XS) but it was still slightly big for my Asian frame and I had to make some alterations to it. I took in the sides of the bodice and shortened the straps – it was easy! I also removed the 2 little bows on the bodice because I thought the bow would look better on my hair than on my chest. I’m an absolute sucker for bows – on hair. 🙂

This dress fits me so well after I have made the alterations and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. The full circle skirt has a nice drape and it swings nicely when I dance! I bet it would look a lot better with a petticoat. Perhaps it’s time to get a black petticoat… hmmm…

Anyhoo, I hope everyone is having a good time during this holiday period. 2014… here I come!!!

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