OUTFIT: And here we go…

Wearing: College letterman jacket, polka dot dress, red saddle shoes with bobby socks, ‘Heartbreaker’ necklace in old school American tattoo design, hair in pompadour

Moving back to Singapore after living in Sydney for 4 years is tough. When I say tough, I mean really really difficult. The inability to do rock ‘n’ roll and rockabilly dancing at social events, the absence of good rum, and the dearth in thrift shops on this smokin’ hot island make it even harder. 

But since I am going to be in Singapore for quite a while, I think I will have to make do with whatever this this land has to offer. It’s not a lot, but I think I can make something out of it. 

This is me in my 50s inspired get-up. I love the 50s. But I just want to clarify something – what I am wearing is not true to the 50s. That is precisely the reason why I call it 50s inspired. I find that a lot more respectful towards real vintage items and people who are really true to the era. 

I was not born into this life with a desire for the bygone eras. But my thirst for vintage style has definitely grown over the years, especially during my 4 years in Sydney. So this is me, back in sunny Singapore, slightly bitter about my current predicament, but still insistent on pursuing what I love and living the life that I desire.

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