SEWN: 70s floral dirndl skirt

This is another project that I completed many months ago. I think I finished this in autumn (around May) but never got around to wearing it, taking photos of it or blogging about it. But here it is! I wore it the first time to the Priceline Pout Day which I talked about a while ago.

Butterick 5935 (via)
Floral print which, according to my friend, seems Laura Ashley-inspired

Pattern: Butterick 5935, option B (pictured on the right)
Fabric: Polycotton, Laura Ashley-inspired floral print
Modification(s): I shortened the hem (as usual).
What I dislike about this pattern: I think a dirndl skirt is meant to be a full skirt. But for some reason, my dirndl skirt simply isn’t as full as the ones shown on the front of the sewing pattern. I am definitely unable to stretch my legs out and run quickly when wearing this skirt. But I guess it doesn’t really matter that much. 
What I love about this pattern: The mere fact that the pattern is from the 70s makes my heart sing. Oh, also, THERE ARE POCKETS!

That’s all for now folks! I’ve wasted 343264735 hours on the computer trying to fix a problem that I have been having with the system. Now that I have (sort of) fixed it and written a blog post, it’s time I continue working on my thesis……………………

xx g


6 thoughts on “SEWN: 70s floral dirndl skirt

  1. man, the ideas that people come up with! tie dyed stockings? what a cool thing! and when I was looking over your pictures at first glance I thought the bottles of dye were bottles of cough syrup, and wondered why you were using cough syrup to dye clothes. haha, yeah. and good luck on your thesis!

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