MADE: Just a pair of yellow mittens

So, I did it. I made a pair of yellow mittens to go with the yellow beanie that I haverecently knitted. To be honest, I’m surprised that I actually went ahead with making a pair of yellow mittens despite my dissatisfaction with my yellow beanie. Perhaps it’s partially due to the fact that the remainder of the yellow yarn and a few crochet hooks are the only craft-related items that I have with me in Albury at the moment. I miss my Elna.

I digress.
Behold, a pair of yellow mittens that are technically not a pair because there are slight differences between the mittens. Maybe you can spot them in the photos, maybe you can’t.

These mittens are based on the pattern found here. Mind you, my mittens are a modified version. I originally planned on knitting a pair of mittens with a cable pattern so that it matches the pattern of the beanie better. But I decided that crochet hooks are easier to transport and a much quicker way to churn out a pair of mittens. Regardless, I think the fact that mittens are made from the same yellow yarn makes them look like they belong to the beanie. So, the mittens and the beanie are a set in my opinion and here’s a family photo just to prove it. 

3 thoughts on “MADE: Just a pair of yellow mittens

  1. Hmmm.. Initially I just thought the 3rd or 4th round looked different (I can't count rounds/rows). But now that you've mentioned it, the first/second row does look different in the photo…


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