Island Fever

Top: Recent cheap fabric buy
Bottom: Forgotten fabric buy gathering dust in my stash

A couple of days ago, I bought some Hawaiian/Tropical print fabrics from Cabramatta. When I got home and wanted to pack the fabrics away with the rest of my fabric stash, I realised, to my horror, that I already have 2 other similar Hawaiian/Tropical print fabrics.

My condition is a lot worse than I thought. So behold, the full glory of my Hawaiian madness. 

Details: Sky blue fabric with orange Hawaiian flowers and beautiful border details. 100% cotton. 2.5 metres. $2/m.

Plan: Most likely a dress with a fitted bodice and a full skirt with border detail at the bottom.

Details: Dark blue fabric with fish and islands scattered all over. Poly-cotton with a good drape. 3 metres. $2/m

Plan: Currently undecided

Details: Blue fabric with man selling fruits and fishing. Poly-cotton with good drape. About 2 metres. Price forgotten.

Plan: A backpack, a pair of shorts with elastic and maybe a matching shirt/jacket top

Details: Sky blue fabric with sailing dinghies, surfing boys, and islands with palm trees. Rayon with fabulous drape. About 2.5 metres. $5/m (if I recall correctly).

Plan: Probably a flowy dress or voluminous skirt to take full advantage of the drape.

I can’t wait to start sewing with these fabrics! Have you sewn anything with Hawaiian/Tropical print? Do you also have a weakness for prints like these?



2 thoughts on “Island Fever

  1. These pieces of fabric are absolutely gorgeous!

    I have never bought any Hawaiian/tropical print fabric….not sure why…just haven't.

    Enjoy sewing it up….and be sure to show us after it is done!!


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