Because I’m a greenhorn

Knitted Neon Green Jumper: Attempt #1

This is a picture of my first attempt at knitting my neon green jumper. I frogged the entire piece and started from scratch after taking this photo because it was not the size that I wanted. Yes, I followed the gauge but for some reason, there did not seem to be any no positive ease, as the pattern promised. I also didn’t like the loose stitches, so I switched to using smaller needles (i.e. 4mm) to knit a larger size (i.e. S). During my second attempt at knitting the jumper, my stitches became very uneven for some reason. Perhaps it was a reflection of the stress that I was undergoing at uni.ย 

Over the weeks, I have knitted, frogged, knitted, frogged and knitted the jumper from scratch. I am currently on my third attempt (knitting in size M with 4mm needles) and everything is looking good so far. I’m keeping my fingers crossed in the hope that everything stays this way. If I had to frog the entire piece again, I’m probably turn green like The Hulk and chuck everything in the bin…ย 

P.S.: Oh yeah, that Butterick pattern happened to be lying on the table because it’s a sewing project that I recently completed… Hopefully I’ll be able to write a blog post on it soon…



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