DIY: Two-tone brogues

I’m totally in love with this pair of black & bronze brogues that I whipped up a few weeks ago. I had been wanting to create a two-tone look on a pair of brogues after seeing several similar DIY projects appearing throughout the internet for the past couple of months. My chance came when I saw a pair of black brogues on sale for just $5 at Rubi shoes! Sometimes I just can’t believe how lucky I am!ย 



I completed this project in 2 nights. I applied several coats (approx 6 – 7) ย of the paint so that the black no longer shows and the paint starts to give an opaque metallic look. By the way, this is the perfect DIY project to do while watching TV shows. There’s no concentration required at all. I love it when I can watch shows like I Love Lucy while creating stuff.ย 

Here’s the how-to:

Fabric paint
A pair of brogues


1. Paint in the areas that you want to paint.
2. Repeat with several layers of paint until the original colour of the shoes no longer shows!


2 thoughts on “DIY: Two-tone brogues

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