MADE: Felt flower brooch (and also other presents I bought for my friends)

In addition to the tiny little embroidered ornaments that I made, I also made (and bought) several other presents for my friends who came over to Sydney just a while ago. Here’s the felt flower brooch that I made for one of my friends.

I made this felt flower brooch via the tutorial found on this blog here. I thought of making a brooch for her because she is often wearing cardigans and a simple flower brooch is the easiest way to dress up a plain cardigan! 

I also bought several other things during the post Xmas sale for my friends as belated birthday presents. This bright pink cambridge satchel is from Dotti and it was on sale at 50% off! What a steal. I couldn’t resist it and bought one for myself too. I think my life is ALMOST complete. FINALLY!! I OWN A CAMBRIDGE SATCHEL (albeit a look-alike, not the real thing). A while ago, I was very very tempted to buy a bright yellow el cheapo one from eBay. Thank goodness I didn’t, because it’s likely that the quality would not have been as great. 

This is an eyeshadow palette from Sportsgirl. I like the variety of colours in this single palette. I think the beige (bottom row, centre) and grey-ish palette (middle row, extreme right) are great for a natural look. There’s also black (top row, extreme left) and silver (top row, extreme right) for creating smokey eyes and bright colours for a more playful look. More importantly, there’s a glittery gold (top row, centre) to enhance all looks! Dammit, the more I think of it, the more I think that I should have bought one for myself. But I really really shouldn’t because I have a whole bunch of beauty products and make-up waiting to grow stale… T_T

Ok, that’s all for now. My friends have left Sydney. I’m waiting for them to send me all the wonderful pictures that we took during their trip here. I’ll write more about our trip around Sydney when I’ve sorted out the photos and stuff!

xx gwenstella

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