Have a happy holiday

The next few weeks (or rather, the next 2 months) are going to be a crazy one. My beloved friends are coming over to visit me in Sydney and I’ll be having lots and lots of fun with them for a week. Then, I will be starting another placement for uni which will last 6 weeks. It’s going to be really intensive. I hope everyone is having fun this holiday season. 

Here are some embroidery that I have done as little xmas presents for my friends. I didn’t take pictures for all 6 designs because I’ve already given some away. Also, I didn’t add the lace as the instructions asked because I think they look better without the lace. 

Even after making these tiny embroidery thingamabobs, I’m still not quite sure what I feel about. They are so time consuming and the end products are usually just a tiny ‘ah’ or some sort. And they are SO taxing on my eyes!

Oh well, that’s all for now. I really should stop screwing up my own body clock and just go to bed.

Happy holiday! I will definitely write another post again before the new year comes. 🙂


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