SEWN: Vintage-inspired ‘Country Road’ Dress

All right, ladies and gentlemen! I present to you… *drum roll* the 4th clothing item that I’ve sewn from scratch! I actually completed this dress a while ago but haven’t had the time to take the pictures for a blog post. 

Left: Front view, Right: Back view
Left: Dress with belt; Right: Dress without belt

Pattern: New Look 6824 (A+H+J)
Fabric: Green and purple gingham cotton

New Look 6824, circa 2011/2012

I made this dress using the vintage-inspired New Look 6824 pattern. I bought the pattern because I felt that the dresses really reminded me of the 60s. When I first saw the pattern, I even thought that lady on the cover was Betty Draper from Mad Men! 

Dress with belt
Dress without belt

The version of the dress I made comes with a sash that is supposed to be worn as a belt. But I think the belt looks better wrapped around my head as a headband rather than around my waist as a belt. What do you think?

The seam between the bodice and the skirt

The zipper and button closure

The skirt hem

I decided to call this dress the “‘Country Road’ Dress” because wearing it really really makes me want to pack my bare essentials into an old leather suitcase, hop on a bus and sing “Country Road” by John Denver while I stare out in the vast empty lands on my way to a quiet countryside. But alas, I don’t have an old leather suitcase and I certainly do not have the country to go to a countryside on my own. I also do not have the ability to hold a tune, unfortunately.

5 thoughts on “SEWN: Vintage-inspired ‘Country Road’ Dress

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