DIY: Personalised Tote

DIY tote + Dress (recent buy from Valleygirl, $14.95)

I have been wanting to get a new bag to bring to uni because the current one that I am using is practically falling apart. So, I decided to whip out my fabric crayons and personalise a tote that I got for free from a random event. I didn’t want to use the bag as it is, because I don’t like using things that are identical to what more than 10 people have…hahaha. Moreover, personalising a tote bag with fabric crayon is fun!

I decided on using the sentence “Are we there yet?” as it reflects what I currently feel about uni in general. I really really really just can’t wait to graduate. 

How I made it: I simply printed the words on an A4 size paper, put it in the tote and traced the words using a black fabric crayon. It initially looked a little too plain, so I added a red border by tracing around the edge A4 paper. 

I can’t wait to bring this “new” tote to uni tomorrow! Also, I can finally stop wearing the clothes from the capsule wardrobe to uni tomorrow because I have accomplished 30 outfits! I’ll be writing the last installment of the Capsule Wardrobe series soon!


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