SEWN: Candyman’s culottes

Ok, this is the 3rd clothing item that I have sewn from scratch. After attending a very short course on dressmaking in 2009, my sewing projects have been progressing at a snail’s pace. Also, I am beginning to think that I have an extremely poor taste at choosing fabric. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know that my very second sewing attempt did not go very well. The form and fit of the dress was great, but the prints on the fabric made it look like sleepwear. 

All the girls look so lovely in their culottes. Sewing pattern circa 1996
I cut the pieces in Feb 2011 and only completed it in Jul 2011.

I am utterly heartbroken and grief-stricken that this pair of culottes has suffered the same fate as the abovementioned dress. This pair of culottes is made using a vintage Simplicity 9686 pattern (design A) that I got from a thrift shop over a year ago. Apparently, vertical red and white stripes aren’t a good choice for making culottes. I chose this design because I wanted my shorts to look like something that an ice-cream/candy seller would wear. Of course, not just any ice-cream/candy sellers, but the ones working in fairs where there’s fun and laughter everywhere. Doesn’t that just sound fantastic? Unfortunately, the plan fell through.


My friends and brothers said that my culottes look like a pair of boxers. Maybe I am in complete denial, but I think this pair of culottes might just look all right if I wear it with other complementary clothing items. I am quite determined not to let this pair of culottes that I have painstakingly put together become sleepwear that I will only wear at home. In my own opinion, I think they look ok with my ‘I HEART PARIS’ tee and with the hems folded up (like in the picture below). What do you guys think? Please tell me your most honest opinion!

P.S.: I took these pictures during the height of winter, just for this blog entry! Brrrr….

P.P.S.: Uni starts again tomorrow! I hope I can still continue to write on this blog consistently…


12 thoughts on “SEWN: Candyman’s culottes

  1. oh i like them! i don't see what's so wrong with the fabric.. i feel like with a lacey white tank top and espadrille wedges it'd be lovely! don't give up 🙂 i really like them.


  2. They look adorable with the hems turned up! I didn't think it would make much of a difference but I think that stops the flaring at the bottom that makes them look like boxers. Really cute, though, I want to make some for myself!


  3. sorry to leave another comment on the same post completely unrelated to this comment but…

    thank you. i feel kind of weird because i do feel like very few people feel the way we do, which to me makes no sense because i think we're using neutrality and common sense. also i like that you mentioned karen's anorexia.. not to make this about me but i've done my bout with both mental illness and eating disorders.. although they kind of fall into the same category. i really really just wanted to say thank you and that i feel like you understand so well.. which is refreshing.

    not to mention, i love your blog, so when i got a comment from you (even on serious material) i gave a little squee.


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