Hat trick

Oversized knitted beret originally made for a friend. She rejected it and said I looked better in it, so I should wear it instead. This was my second time wearing it.

Oversized knitted beret made for me by the same abovementioned friend. She gave it to me before I went over to Sydney for my studies. This was my first time wearing it!

Knitted Panda Beanie. I still need to knit 2 ears for this.

The days are getting colder here in Sydney, but I have plenty of knitted hats to keep me warm. 

P.S.: I have more knitted head gear! >_<

question answered:
Sarah asked: “what pattern did you use for the first beret?”
I modified an original pattern by Claire Crompton from ‘The Knitter’s Bible’. More details in my Ravelry account here


7 thoughts on “Hat trick

  1. Love the hat but just wanted to know if you knit 8 rounds before decreasing and if when decreasing do you repeat just the k2tog or are you repeating the knit stitches as well. Thanks


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