DIY: Refashion Chambray Shirt to Skirt with Lace

I said that I would keep true to my promise…
and so, here you go! This is a skirt made from an OVERSIZED chambray button-down shirt that I thrifted. I was planning on wearing it as a real shirt but then I realised it’s really just too big for me. I felt that the shirt was actually mocking me when I looked at myself wearing it in the mirror. Then somehow I heard my sewing machine sobbing in a dusty corner of my room and thus I decided to cut the the shirt up and sew it into a skirt.
P.S.: I also cut my hair today.
Oversized shirt of any material or pattern that you fancy. It doesn’t really need to be very big, just large enough to fit your bottoms in…
Sewing machine. You can also sew this by hand if you feel that you have a lot of time to spare.
Lace trimmings. Enough to go around the bottom of your new skirt TWICE.
And now we make the skirt:


6 thoughts on “DIY: Refashion Chambray Shirt to Skirt with Lace

  1. Thanks for giving instruction on recycling old denim shirts. Cutting the torso section of the shirt can be used as the main portion of a skirt with flowery trim. Thanks for sharing.

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