I WEAR DIY: Butter Chicken

(P.S.: the reason for the title is in the last picture of the post)

DIY tutorial for Ethnic Headband (the thing that I am wearing on my head) can be found here.

Denim Bolero: Samuel & Kevin, Singapore
Awesome Maxi Dress (currently my favourite dress): SES, Sydney, 12.95AUD
Owl necklace and ring: eBay, less than 3AUD each!
Bracelets and bangle: everywhere
Headband: DIY

Ok, just something to say about my recent I WEAR DIY posts. What do you guys think about it? I know it’s not exactly very related to craft and DIY. But would you guys like to see more of it or are you guys getting annoyed by the pictures overload (and shameless self-promotion)?

11 thoughts on “I WEAR DIY: Butter Chicken

  1. i love, love, love your photos! it makes your blog more fun.:D i think we have the same owl ring! hehehe…cool headband i wish i could wear one too but it doesn't suit my face shape and often slips off my head hahaha…have a great day!


  2. hi everyone! thank you for your encouragements! I will continue to post more tutorials and I WEAR DIY posts. Right now school work is piling up and 24 hours is no longer enough for me 😦

    Before I forget, hello new followers! welcome onboard to my blog! (^_^)


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