DIY: Ethnic/Bohemian Headband

I’ve always wanted to get a headband like this. But I am not really keen on spending $5 or more on one. So, being the crafty and stingy person that I always am, I decided to make one myself! I made one under 15 minutes last night and wore it on my day out with my friend today! The best part is that I think I am the only one in the world who has this headband because I bought my trimming from a rather unknown craft store. HAHAHAHA.

Wide ribbon
Ethnic-inspired trimming (choose your favourite design!)
Sewing machine/Sewing needle and thread (I think it’s better with a machine. The stitches are tighter and sturdier!)

1. Get your materials!

2. Now we need to cut 2 pieces of the ribbon. How much is enough? Just enough to do the following: Fold over to cover the end of the ribbon, wrap around the sides.
3. Now wrap the trimming around your head (across the forehead) to see how much trimming you need to make one headband. For your references, my head measures about 21” and I used about 18” of the trimming.
4. Cut 4 inches of the elastic.

5. Now you have: 2 pieces of ribbon, 4” of elastic and 18” of trimming. You should burn the ends of the ribbon to prevent them from fraying!

6. Start sewing! Wrap one end of the trimming as shown and sew the top to secure the ribbon.

7. Now sew one end of the elastic to the same edge.
8. Wrap the ribbon around the sides (just like what you have done earlier to test the amount of ribbon required) and sew the bottom.
9. Sew the top again!

10. Do the same for the other end of the trimming with the other end of the elastic!

11. Done!!!

I really really love the design of my trimming. (^_^)v

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