United Colors of Benetton Chain Scarf

All images from nitrolicious

I know this Chain Scarf was out a long time ago. It has been on my to-do list for an awfully long time too. And I still want it. I’m not too sure how much it is. I’m not even sure if they are still selling it! But it doesn’t matter, because it’s definitely more than $20 and I can make it myself in my own favourite colour for less than $10!

So, do you want it as well? Can you knit? my day-to-day adventures has a great tutorial on how to knit one of these scarves yourself. LOVE!

Can’t knit but can crochet? Cornflower Blue has a tutorial on how to make similar chains using the crochet method. But it’s going to look slightly different because the original Benetton scarves were knitted.

I should seriously start a real, tangible to-do list instead of thinking about it in my head. 


One thought on “United Colors of Benetton Chain Scarf

  1. I LOVE this also, i'm pretty sure I have seen this before, easy to make I suppose just use double pointed needles and make a load of tubes and stitch them together!

    Might even have a go at it myself sometime in the future. good luck will be good to see what you come up with 😀

    Warm wishes


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