If I were a red balloon, I’d be both red and round

Also seen here at Chictopia

I really apologise for that abysmal post of my Millefoglie scarf. That picture really did not do any justice to the scarf that I have grown to love so much.

So here I am once again, posting up pictures of me and my lovely Millefoglie scarf, and taking a great risk of making the impression of being a cam whore. Maybe I am. Then again, we’re only young once.

A picture of the Millefoglie scarf in full.

You can see all the different types of yarn that makes up the scarf! All these types are found in a single ball. The yarn just changes as you knit along. BUT! I added the plastic pearls to the plain maroon bit on my own. 

Soft, glittery yarn

A knot I made. 

I tied simple knots near the ends of the scarf to shorten it and… well, to make it more stylish. I think it makes it look more chic. 


3 thoughts on “If I were a red balloon, I’d be both red and round

  1. hello anonymous,
    i am indeed working on a post on how to make this scarf! i hope you can wait til sunday/monday! do check back for the tutorial! 😀


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