Dressmaking Lesson #1

My very first dressmaking lesson! Finally got to learn dressmaking even though I still do not own a REAL sewing machine.

I had to bring a 1.5 yard cotton to the class for the blouse that we were going to make. That was the instructions from the website where I registered. So I thought that we were going to make a simple, basic blouse, something like a collared blouse or something.
My mum brought me to the old Woodlands Checkpoint market area where I bought this CHEAP floral cotton.

Surprisingly (and rather unfortunately), we were allowed to sew any kind of clothes that we want to! If I had known, I’d brought a picture of some Fendi or Chanel dress that I like and asked the instructor to draw that pattern for me.
But I didn’t because I wanted to learn from the basic and definitely do not want to make a Fendi look-alike out of the cotton cloth that I had bought.
Sooooo… I have decided to make a blouse with collars and long sleeves that can be folded, secured with a tiny flap. I hope that the end product with look retro/vintage/bohemian.

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